155 km and a BIG STACK !

This morning was a bit WET (as if we haven’t had enough rain in the last few weeks !!). With only 9 weeks or so to go I need to take every opportunity to get out for a ride so off I went to the normal meeting point for my Saturday morning ride.

When I got there it was just misty rain but nobody else turned up !!

While considering my options a group of riders come past and I decided to go and join them (I wasn’t fussy at that stage!)

Turns out it was a crazy bunch of guys riding fixed gears and no brakes!

They were off to the Gold Coast so without a better opion I tagged on the back.

Anyway they were happy to have me along so what started out as a ride to Victoria point (70km) ended up as a ride to the Gold Coast (155 km’s)

It was a great ride breaking at the Gold Coast for breakfast and then heading home.

On the way back though coming around a roundabout I had a big STACK.

I rode across a metre wide white line and down I went, just at the same time one of the other riders did exactly the same thing!

So here we are both laid out on the tarmac and we see these flashing lights. An ambulance was going back to its station and saw the whole thing. These two nice ambo ladies fixed me up with an arm bandage and sent us on our way.

When I got home I was in BIG, BIG trouble, what started out as a 3 hour ride ended up about five and a half hours. My phone went flat and I couldn’t call was my only excuse 🙂

Thanks to Dan, Gipsy, Shirts, Ryan and David for a great day out

Here is a picture of my war wound after my first big STACK

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