2011 – Training started

Well 2011 is here and I guess it had to start some time. Now that our cruise is over and Christmas is over its time to get motivated to lose the excess kilograms and get some fitness under my belt.

Whilst I have been riding a few times a week there is no way that I could complete a big ride like Tour de Cure without some serious miles in my legs

That means

The 4.00am training starts.

The tired legs

Feeling like your going to die climbing those mountains

The nana naps in the lounge chair at 7.30pm

But on the positive side

Getting to know my fellow TDC riders

Raising some money for some great causes

Riding with 55 other riders on an epic journey.

Ticking off a huge goal

I know that you will get behind me, send me a note, donate some money and generally give me lots of encouragement.

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