Day 2 Wollongong to Huskisson

We started the day today by the Wollongong foreshore with a beautiful ocean view.

My legs were pretty good this morning, after all we had only done about 100km yesterday so I didn’t expect that they would be complaining just yet

The excitement level was pretty high this morning as we had around 45 guest riders on the stage with us today.

Today the ride was again about 100 km but we had all sorts of levels of riders in the peloton’s so it was a bit start and stop for most of the way.

It was good though to have a nice easy day to ease us into the next week or so on the road.

The boys are looking forward to another 100km day tomorrow but not to the day after which is one of the climbing days

Some of the riders today did it very hard. A few of them hadn’t done the distance before and struggled towards the end of the ride. You could say that a few of them were well and truly in the HURT LOCKER !!

Here is the day 2 video


Here is what the Guest riders have said about the day


Here is the Garmin readout


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