Fundraising is hard but worthwhile

NEWSFLASH – I dont ride Tour de Cure for fun

Its not that I dont enjoy the training or the riding on Tour but the riding part is not why I do Tour de Cure. The reason that I do the riding is so that I have a great story to tell to help raise a lot of money for Tour de Cure.

The ONLY reason that I get up at 4am to go for a training ride, the only reason that I volunteer to ride 1500 km is to FIND A CURE FOR CANCER.

The long training rides, the time away from the family, the sore legs and bum, the falling asleep in the lounge chair at 8pm at night would be all worth it if we found the key to stopping this terrible disease.

So if your reading this look for the red button on the website and click DONATE and put some money into help Tour de Cure find a cure.

I will be doing the hard yards starting on the 29th of April so please click here to donate

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