Last Chance Training

This weekend I feel like I am cramming for an exam, or on the Biggest Loser “Last chance training” where you go as hard as you can to get that last little bit of training before the big weigh in !

This weekend I have done 440km on the bike. (Thats nearly 15 hours on the bike)

Saturday I did a river loop (80km round trip from home )
Sunday we did O’Reillys return (210km round trip)
Monday we went from Brisbane to Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast (150km return)

Sitting here I can tell you that every part of my body hurts !
My bum hurts
My Back aches
and my legs are very second hand !!

Thats the last of the full on training though as now we are officially in Taper mode. That means that the longest ride from now on in is about 40 – 60 Km.

Im getting a bit excited and a bit nervous as well. Excited as its just over a week away until we start and nervous thinking of the big big ride I am about to do.

Here is the data from my computer from the O’Reillys Ride. The climb up to O’Reillys is about 30km. Check out the heart rate while I am climbing up the hill.

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