I'm riding to find a cure for cancer.

1,400 km, 16,238m elevation
Sydney – Canberra – Shepparton - Geelong
3 - 11 May 2019

Tour de Cure Rider & Support Team Blogs

Tour de Cure Rider & Support Team Blogs

These are the stories of men and women of Tour de Cure.

Some are riders, and other come to support them. But all are dedicated to finding a cure for cancer.

Signature Tour 2014

Paul Egan Darryl Parton Phil Lynch Jodi Harris Peter Oost Andrew Woodward
Renae McGarvie Steph Wolfe Simon Thomas Cory Morris Owen Barnett Martyn Ellis
Rob Burns Martin Duffy David Halliwell Grant Harrod Naomi Land Dennis Gentilin
Louise Heywood Daren Armstrong David Farr

Signature Tour 2013

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