Thats embarrassing!

My new bike is great but its all new and different. One of the new things is that I have these special shoes which clip into the peddles. They are great as it gives you extra confidence to peddle hard and you seem to get more power by using both the up and the down motion at the same time.

That’s the positive but ………………….. You have to be really careful when you stop.

Yesterday I was coming to a stop at the traffic lights on my ride and ……… I unclipped the left shoe from the peddle ready to lean over and put my foot down. Good plan but ……… I forgot the right side was still clipped in and leant to the wrong side.

Picture the look on my face as I slowly fell onto my right side with my foot still clipped in and no way to stop myself, and my new bike on top of me !! Not a good look.

The worst thing was when I got unclipped and stood up was to find that there was an entire line of traffic sitting there watching me ………… now that’s embarrassing !!

I quickly got back on the bike and disappeared into the distance to repair my pride. Needless to say I am very careful to lean the right way now when I stop at traffic lights.

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