You have cancer

Sometimes year after year its hard to get motivated to keep riding and fundraising.

This year that is defiantly not the case as I know a few people that have been touched by Cancer this year.

Daryl and good mate and TDC support crew for the last 2 years was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and has undergone treatment late last year.

Brett a client who’s wife contracted Breast Cancer (she has had a mastectomy)

and just a few days ago I got this email from another client, Steve

Got me big rundown yesterday, start Cemo and Radiation Wednesday for first 12 week plan, then review during and the end of the first period. My Cancer is very rare, which means they have only seen one other cancer the same as mine in this location !
Loose the all the hair in the first 14 days and with the other side effects of the treatment, i will try as much as possible to spend time at work but this will depend on how much the treatment effects me

Cancer is all around us and my hope is that we find a cure sooner rather than later. Thats why I ride.



One of my clients and a mate told me today that he has Cancer of the throat,

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