All the training and fundraising is done – Tour is here

We call this Day 0. Its the day before Tour actually starts and its a hive of activity. My day started around 6am with a bit of a rush to get to our plane to fly out to Sydney for Tour. The stupid guy weighing the bags thought that I had too much luggage so that was not a good start but the plane ride went quickly via an interesting conversation with an Art Curator so that eased the anger 🙂

Once we had arrived it was off to Manly to collect all our kit so that we were all co-ordinated on the ride. The number of people on Tour means that there is a huge logistical nightmare to get people in the right place at the right time with the right outfit. Today we collected knicks, socks, jersey, beanie, undershirt, arm warmers, let warmers, helmet, numbers etc etc

Once we sorted all the stuff out that we got it was into the briefings. Firstly all the ride leaders got together and talked about the general running of the peletons and also keeping the peletons safe and then we had a full briefing with all the riders and support. It is great to see nearly 200 people in the room supporting the same cause.

Next it was off to get the bikes checked out so that it all runs smoothly

Mechanics doing their thing

Right now I am back in my room getting excited and ready for tomorrow. I have my kit and my bike ready to go. Next stop Martin place in the morning and off on Tour.

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