How do you raise $12,000 year on year.

Getting ready for a Signature Tour is hard. The hours of on the bike, the sore butt, the tired muscles ………… and that’s just the training to get ready.

The harder part of getting ready for Tour is fundraising the $12,000 each year to participate.

Easy the first year, you are all excited. Your friends haven’t heard the story before, they are thinking ………… shit how can he ride that far in 9 days but ………….. after 10 years they have heard your story before….. they know you are a rider now, you can ride that 1400 km’s so its not as big a deal. You have asked them for money before so why haven’t you got a cure yet?

Fundraising takes work. No, it takes a lot of hard work! Putting the hard word on your friends and family for the 10th time takes commitment. It takes a passion to find a cure, it takes a nerve to say…. yes I know that you have donated before but I believe that with my riding and your donation we are making a difference and you should donate again.

Tour de Cure have a huge responsibility to choose the right research projects, to partner with the right people and to make sure that the funds that we raise are spent efficiently and on the right things. They have a huge responsibility to keep the costs down and make sure that that most of our fundraising goes to the place its supposed to and I believe that they are doing that.

We are making progress.

Here is me, raising some money at the local market for this year’s Tour de Cure.

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