Day three !!!!

Today was one of the toughest days ever for me, not because of the hugest physical challenge of my life but because it was Mothers Day as well.

As we stood in the bitter cold this morning at a little after 5.00am one of the leaders gave a bit of a speech.

He said.

“Today you are going to face a huge challenge, one that will take you to places that you may have never been before. Today there will be times when you dont think that you can get to the end of this ride so you need to dig deep and find a reason, a reason that you are here.”

Being mothers day I immediatly thought of Mum, taken from us at the age of 49 by cancer. So there I stood amoungst 70 other men and women with tears flowing down my cheeks thinking of mum and how she would be the wind at my shoulder today pushing me along. 

During the ride at regular intervals there was some big hills and my mind kept wandering back and thinking of Mum and how 49 is way to young to die.

I knew I had my reason for riding today and I am proud to say that I not only made the distance but I smashed it !! My training, the 4.30 am starts, all the river loops and longer rides paid off today, and that little extra wind at my back helped too.


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