Tour de Cure day 4

As if yesterday wasnt bad enough  today will be a house of pain. My legs are feeling like I have done a lot of work yesterday and today there is the mother of all hills to climb.

Todays leg is not long but there is a 10km hill near the start.

Update – Day 4

Well I got up it and I wasn’t wrong.  It was the mother of all hills. It started out gentle but went on forever and just as we thought that we were nearly at the top there was more. As we rounded what we were thinking was the last corner there was more but the kicker was that it turned upwards. The last 3 km was 12% gradient!

My legs and bum are hurting more than ever but I made it to the top !!

So tonight as I sit here writing this my bum hurts more than yesterday and I think my legs are jelly.

Tomorrows ride also has a kicker. The locals are giving us the drum – Its called Widows Peak and from all reports its WORSE.

Think of me tomorrow as I ride to the top!!


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