I got the official NOD. I’m riding the Tour de Cure!

Great News, I think!  –  I got accepted into the Tour De Cure today.

Went for an early ride in town (Park Rd River circuit) with the Tour de Cure guys. They were a bit amused at my riding attire and had a few interesting comments about my bike and the gear that I turned up with but they were a great bunch of guys.

Apparently they are going to take me under their wing and show me the correct bike and attire that I need so that I dont stand out !!

To me that sounds like my wallet is going to be a lot lighter in the next few weeks but I guess that will stop the ribbing and the laughter.

Getting accepted into the ride makes me a bit excited but a lot nervous at the same time.

Never ever would I contemplate riding 1400km in just 10 days but now that I am committed I better get damn fit !!

The other challenge is to raise the $10000 that is donated to the Tour de Cure charities. Ive got some ideas but I need a lot of help with that one as well. If you have any ideas let me know.


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