Fridays Training Ride

There was a big Thunder storm here last night  and when I got up at 4.45 am this morning for a ride it was still raining.  Crawling back into bed looked like the best option but then I remembered that one of my neighbours (Rob) had volunteered to come along for the ride.

So I put on all the gear and off I went but …………. I think Rob was neatly tucked up in bed …….. bugger, oh well I am up now. There wasnt many about but it was a good ride, nice and cool after a few hot days. I did 30km this morning and the legs felt ok even though the guys yesterday put the pressure on a bit.

Here is the ride details
[iframe https://js.mapmyfitness.com/embed/blogview.html?r=c597cf9a09bf3b148165a68af9803503&u=m&t=ride 450 550]

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