New Years Resolutions

There is one big resolution for this years riding and thats to get to the Tour de Cure in great shape. I have managed to have a great December training run almost doubling the efforts of the last few years prior to the Tour so that should set me up pretty well for the lead up.

I have signed up for the 3 peaks ride again and that is really giving me some motivation to get out on the bike. I need to find some hills around the place to get busy on as the Three Peaks is a huge 230km and 4500m climbing in one day. Have a look at this link, It shows you what I have put myself up for https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/general/great-rides/42359/

This year I will try to ride a bit more through winter. I didn’t do enough over that time this year and I have paid the price in my early preparation, getting dropped and feeling very sore. I seem to be trough that now so looking back doing a few more KM’s would have been great.

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