Queensland TDC boys soft – I dont think so !!

Well the forcast wasnt for the best weather today (Sunday)  but when you have a goal to get fit for a ride starting in less than 80 days you do what it takes, or you do if your a Queenslander.

We met a bit later this morning as we were getting all the Queensland boys together. Matt from the Sunny Coast (???) Michael from Ipswich, Byron from down south and Scott and I from Brisbane.

The weather wasnt going to dampen our spirits as we set off in the rain.

The first stopping point was Wellington point where the boys indulged in a bit of fun by sprinting to the end of the point. Michael, not knowing the lay of the local land went about 2 km out. (That may have been because I told him there was about 200m to go!!) Scott got a 10m break on the rest of the field and couldn’t be rounded up. Matt was asleep at the wheel so he was left in the wash and Byron was last seen sitting on my wheel.

So it was Scott, Me, Byron, Micheal and Matt bringing up the rear.

With about 20km to go it started to absolutely pour as only Queensland can, but we stuck it out. There were lots of people wondering what we were thinking but we knew why we were out there and spirits remained high. Needless to say that it was a great relief to get back to the cafe for a coffee.

Heres the video.

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