Sometimes you need to think about why you’re doing this.

After 10 years of riding and raising money for Tour de Cure and Cancer research sometimes, you just have one of the days where you think. WTF am I doing here.

You know those days when work is a headache, life is hectic with training, and fundraising, trying to keep the home front happy and you are burning the candle at both ends.

Today was a day when I needed motivation. I had committed to riding Mt Coot-tha today which is a mountain that overlooks Brisbane and I was having one of those moments and thinking, I don’t want to be here.

Then out of the blue my thoughts turned to why I started. Nearly 10 years ago I was riding up the same hill doing the same training and my motivation was Kathy.

Kathy was my book keeper, someone who was close to us because we saw here every day. That first year and today, Kathy was my motivation.

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