That’s why we do it

Training for the Victorian Country Tour hasn’t been progressing as well as I wanted.

Kathryn’s Father has been diagnosed with Cancer in the last month.

He has cancer in his bones and liver and they think that it has come from his Lungs.

Sometimes I wonder why I put endless hours in on the bike, why I spend time fundraising, time away from the family but when someone close to your family hears the words “You have Cancer” it all makes sense.

So Kathryn has been away for the last 6 weeks, with her Father as he progress’s through his journey which means that I have had the two kids.

Normally I would train in the early morning, leaving home at 4.30am to put in the required km to be fit but I cant do that when Kathryn is away. I have had to steal some time during the day, a couple of hours away from work is the best that I can do to try to get fit.

I know that these 4 days of riding are going to be hard, possibly the hardest that I have done for a while but thats ok. I will get through.





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