Tour de Cure 2012 Day 7

Bus day  – Yapoon to Airlie Beach’

In the last couple of tours we have not had a bus day but today we are sitting on the bus doing about 400 km. As I sit here writing this I am looking out at the cane fields and counting myself lucky that we have a day off to rest. I am not sure if it will be of benefit or if my legs will seize up tomorrow without doing any work today.

Some of the boys have vowed to do a short hit out this afternoon but I don’t think that I will join them. I think that I wil take advantage of the day off and rest up. Tomorrow will take care of itself!

I was able to get a couple of hours sleep on the bus so I am looking forward to tomorrows 180 odd km’s because then we will have really broken the back of this ride, with only short days from then on of just over 100km each.

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