Tour de Cure 2012 Day 6

Biloela – Yapoon – 187km

After the last two days everybody was a bit second hand so today was going to be a challenge. To my surprise my body felt pretty good this morning, my legs were ok but my bum was still pretty sore. I was thinking that this day would be a tough one but I surprised myself.

We had a fair bit of climbing to do to get back over the range but that wasn’t till later in the afternoon. Most of the morning was spent on back roads and it was pretty flat so we had a good run.

We stopped at the Dululu Pub for afternoon tea. The pub was at the centre of the town of only 30 people. After a quick coffee we were off again. I was feeling really good so I was up the front again having a go. When the hills come though I got off pretty quick and sat back in the peloton for the run into Yapoon.

Tonights accommodation was like chalk and cheese from the night before. Last night we had our own rooms with our hosts offering us all sorts of treats and coffee and tea but tonight we were in the presbyterian church dorm accommodation.

If you have never slept with 30 tired cyclists then let me paint a picture for you. There was an abundance of snoring, enough gas to run a small power station for 12 months and more bad jokes than a 12 year old camp! Thank god for the clever support staff who supplied each of us with a set of ear plugs each that saved the day. I even had a good nights sleep despite the stench.



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