Training started

I know that the Tour de Cure for 2015 is not till the end of April but I have started training today. I know it seems like its a bit premature but I had a silly moment and signed up for the Three Peaks Challenge again this year as well in March.

The Three Peaks are
Tawonga Gap
Mt. Hotham
Falls Creek

The ride is 235 km and that includes over 4000 m climbing for the day.

You need to complete this ride in 13 hours. I have done this before so I know that I can do it but its still going to hurt. 4000m of climbing and 235 km on any day is going to hurt.

Normally I register for this ride because its a good incentive to train hard because you need to be very fit to get though it.

Today I started training for Three peaks with the thought in the back of my head that the Tour de Cure ride would look after itself after that 🙂

Todays ride was less than comfortable. I lined up with some of my riding friends and I knew that it was going to hurt right off the bat. There was some talent in the peloton so I knew that my fat arse was going to get spanked, and it was !!

I guess you have to start somewhere. If you have winter off then you need to start to get fit again some time. Today is that day.

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