What my 7 year old taught me today

My daughter Michaela had her first Violin lesson this week and she gave us an impromptu show.

It got me thinking about stuff and thinking about what she taught me today.

Vision – Who would think that the first few notes could turn into playing Mozarts Violin Concerto No. 4?  Well she does! Already she has the vision, she can see herself playing and playing well. Today she made me think about my vision.

I can see myself on the starting line at Channel 7 in Sydney and Finishing in the main street at Maroochydore. I think I will still have to work on a vision of getting over all the hills in between 🙂

Excitement – To see the look on her face is priceless. The excitement of something new and the raw enthusiasm got me excited about raising the $10000 that I have pledged. Im not too sure that I will be as excited tomorrow morning when I get up for my morning ride :-0

Tenacity – She has been at it every day,  practising and getting better and better. I know that I also need to train every day if I am going to make it in the end.

That is what my 7 year old taught me today 🙂

Have a look at her first playing effort below

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