Winter hibernation is nearly over !!

Its nearly over ………… the hiatus that I have over winter where I don’t ride, sleep in and get really fat by eating lots of great deserts and drinking too much wine is coming to an end !!

Its not all about not wanting to get up when its cold, although that’s a really good reason not to go for a ride but its all about getting back in the good books 🙂

By the end of Tour de Cure each year my brownie points are at a serious low.  I need a few months off the bike to take the kids to sport, spend time with the family and chill out to get back in the good books!

Last week the new expression of interest came out for Tour de Cure and I once again put my hand up to do the ride.

Next year I will be riding 1560km from Sydney to Hobart, a great ride but ……………………. there are a lot of Km’s and hills in between Sydney and Hobart so I know that I will need to start soon to get fit and ready to take it on.

There are a few weeks left though, I am off to Thailand for a couple of weeks and I will start training after I get back.

Should have enough brownie points by then to carry over till the end of next years Tour de Cure !!


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