2013 Tour de Cure – Day 3 – Meningie to Border Town

I am writing this on day 4 because I was stuffed last night and all that I wanted to do was to climb into bed and go to sleep. Tonight the dinner didnt go so late so I have a little time.

Day 3 Started out great with all the guest riders out nice and early getting ready and looking a little apprehensively at the distance that we had to travel! Todays route would take us from Meningie to Border town a distance of around 180km, the longest ever guest rider stage.

I heard from one of the guest riders Ian that his previously biggest ride was 130 km so yesterday was a PB for him and so would today !

As we got going the showers closed in. It wasnt cold but quite unpleasant. DAY-3-wet-peloton

If it was a normal Sunday morning I would have peaked out the window and said, Nah too wet, going back to bed but today was different, we had to get to the next part of our journey so we pushed on.



I officially became the best dad in the world today. My daughter Michaela was turning 11 today. I sent a text early but wanted to follow up with something special so I asked Berett’s if he would do a shout out for Michaela this morning as it was her birthday today. Well he did one better and let me get in the shot and let her know myself that I loved her and wish her a happy birthday.


I got a text later that morning and she said
Thanks Daddy, everybody was watching, Now I am famous !!

This made me feel quite proud that she thought that it was special.

As we rolled along the weather got a bit better as we went so although it was a long day it seemed to go pretty quickly.

You could tell that we were getting to the end of the ride though as there were a few of the guest riders that were really starting to struggle.

The great thing about Tour de Cure though is that we look after all the riders that come with us and this time we got every one home that started with us, a great achievement for everybody involved.

Today was 180km so it was a big day of riding for anybody without having the preceeding days riding in there as well, so my legs are a little tired tonight.

At the moment though the body feels pretty good and I am feeling strong enough to do a session each day on the front, of which I am quite proud !!

At tonight’s dinner we donated $5000 to The Bordertown Hospital which will be used by them to buy a special bed for their palliative care ward.

Here is a video that lets you know what they are using the funds for.

Todays Ride

  • 176.0km
  • 329m
    Elevation (?)
  • 05:25:26
    Moving Time
  • 3,950

Here is the Strava Link https://app.strava.com/activities/51343421






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