2013 Tour de Cure – Day 8 – Albury to Khancoban

Today was the start of the cold weather, the morning was very fresh to say the least, it was about 4 deg so everybody was rugged up the the max! After our regular Sunrise program crosses and a presentation to the school we had breakfast at we were off.

I remember the track that we were taking today from 2 years ago but this time was in reverse. In face the last 3 days of the tour was the same as the 2011 tour but we were going the other way.

The start of the day was beautiful. Even though it was a bit cold we found that as soon as the sun was up it warmed up a lot and we could shed our jackets. We got about 12km out of town to the Hume Weir and the Sunrise guys had organised a chopper to put the camera crew into and off we went. The chopper buzzed around us for a while getting shots and as we went accross the bridge over the dam it flew along beside us which was a great spectical.

With the sunrise duties over we were then free to ride, and what a wonderful ride it was. There were some hills, but nothing that would break us, there were some streams and waterfalls and also there was green grass and trees.

We have had a quite large contrast in conditions over the last week. Near Adelaide we had dry land and parched landscapes and as we neared the high country it has changed to wooded landscapes and green grass.

Several riders said that this was one of the best days they have ridden on Tour and I have to agree that it was up there. The conditions were great and the countryside was spectacular.

The climbs were one thing but the descents were another. I am not the best at going up the hills but when it comes to going down I can hold my own with a lot of the guys. I guess because I have a bit of weight that makes it quicker !!

Soon we were into Khancoban were we had a great dinner.

At tonights dinner I gave my Muppet award away. Cathy, a seasoned rider with Tour de Cure did a great fall at the school and she instantly had the Muppet award given to her

It was great to give it away so early in the day as it made the day go a lot better !!

At tonights dinner we gave $5000 away to  a charity that provides accommodation for cancer patients that are undergoing chemo at the Albury hospital. This will help them to equip their units with the latest of technology for their patients.

Distance 164.3km

Elevation 2,216m
Moving Time 6:07:38
Calories 4,405
Time 06:07:38
Avg Temp 14°C
Max Speed 71.6km/h
Avg Speed 26.8km/h
Cadence 78


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