Big week – 633.2 km – 24h 37m

I am a bit stuffed at the moment, last week I spent one whole day on the bike training for the Tour – 24h and 37 minutes to be exact.

Last week was the biggest ever training week I have had on the bike! Yesterday my legs felt like jelly and I was in the hurt locker for 50km of the 100 km ride, not much fun.

Some might call me stupid but I guess I would say that I am committed. My legs are tired, my bum hurts and I am generally a bit cranky (just ask Kathryn !).

But its worth it to help raise money to cure cancer, to raise awareness for our cause and most importantly complete the Tour de Cure ride.

Please click the link at the top and help me by donating to help me with my goal of raising money to cure cancer.





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