Bike is serviced – $350 later!

Part of getting ready for Tour de Cure is getting your bike ready to go so that everything is serviced and reliable.

Here is the list that the head mechanic sent out to us

Step 1 –
2 weeks before Tour, take your bike to a quality local bike shop and ask them to do a pre-race service on your bike, this should include but is not limited to:
 – All new cables and cable outer
 – Check and replace if necessary, chain, cassette and chain rings.
 – Check and replace brake pads if necessary.
 – Service freehub body on rear wheel.
 – Check bottom bracket bearings for wear and replace if worn.
 – Adjust/service or replace wheel bearings.
– True wheels if required.
Step 2 –
One week before Tour; you’ve now had a week of riding your bike after its pre-race service.  You may find that your bike now needs a quick tune up, or not, after having had new cables and some parts replaced, gears may be a bit jumpy etc, so take it back to the bike shop for a quick tune.
Step 3 – 
Two rides out from tour, fit brand new tyres and tubes, now you’ll have fresh rubber and the best chance of avoiding flats on the trip!  Don’t fit new rubber the night before, if you’ve pinched a tube putting them in we’ll be fixing a puncture in Martin Place!  Fit new rubber and then get a couple of rides in so we now they’re good to go the distance, just like you!
So I took my bike into https://www.planetcycles.com.au/ and got the works done !! $350 later I walked out with a shinny new bike that will take me all the way from Sydney to Hobart without a problem 🙂



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