Day 2 Bundanoon to Canberra

Todays ride Stats

172.2km Distance
6:06:04 Moving Time
1,526m Elevation
207 Extreme Suffer Score
3,598kJ Energy Output

Avg                Max
Speed           28.2km/h       72.0km/h
Heartrate      135bpm         175bpm
Cadence       79                 186
Calories 4,012
Temperature 19℃
Elapsed Time 8:10:06

The forecast for today wasn’t all that good again, we were expecting to get wet and I packed my rain coat along with some other wet weather gear for todays ride.

I was pleasantly surprised when we stepped out of the door in the morning because the ground was dry and there were a few stars peaking out !!

Yesterday and today were were to be joined by 36 guest riders who would be with us for two days. My friend from Brisbane Martyn Ellis was among the throng of riders that set off in three pelotons for the day.

In contrast to yesterdays ride the roads were quite good and DRY !!

You would probably understand what a relief it was today to ride on dry roads as yesterday was quite a chore rather than a great ride.

Today though was different. From breakfast to morning tea we rolled along the country roads  and everything went really well. Yesterday we had 14 punctures and today we hadnt had one by morning tea time so you can imagine the extra speed we can get by not waiting for a puncture to be changed 🙂

Every day we go to a few schools and let them know about our BE FIT, BE HAPPY, BE HEALTHY message that can help to prevent cancer. Being a Saturday we didnt think that this was going to be possible but a small school along the route came to the fore. All 36 students and families came down and welcomed us into their school.

They were thrilled to receive a Canon Printer donated by Canon and also an IPAD. They didnt get much action at the school so it was great to share a little bit or Tour de Cure.

We were soon on our way again and the last bit of the ride involved a hill that all the guest riders were fearing from the start of the ride. The reason was that it looked enormous on the route map that they put out in the morning but I guess I have got used to that and didnt take any notice of that.

The hill went pretty quickly and soon we were travelling towards Canberra at a good rate.

Martyn was doing it a bit hard at the back end of the ride and I helped him to get home in the end.

It was a great feeling to get to Canberra altough being peloton 3 (the last to start) made for another late day.






Tomorrow we go to Adaminaby


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