Saturday – Ride into Brisbane City with the two Scotts

This morning was a great day for a ride. The cool weather is really a lot better than the hot humid weather. Today I was riding with the two Scotts. Both hadnt done much riding lately so it was good to have not too much pace on after the first week of riding every day.

I rode from Kuraby to Scotts place and then onto the city along the Freeway bike track, over the Story Bridge, along the river, over the Goodwill Bridge and back home. In total it was 45.27 KM. I felt pretty good when I got back so I am improving a bit with the fitness. Need to keep going though as one of the first days of the tour is 250 odd Km’s so I need to be fit.

Click here if you would like to see where I went this morning (interactive map) if you are interested.

When I got home the kids thought that they would help me with the cool down stretches. I dont know if this method is in the book but they enjoyed it !!

Tour de Cure Stretching

Stretching with the kids

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