Hard Hard Hurt Locker

In riding lingo, when you are in the hurt locker it means that you have hit the wall or pretty close to it.

Todays ride was one of those days !!

Our task today was to ride 170 km with 2500m climbing.

Normally thats a big ride but today ………. it was massive as the temperature was above 40 deg for most of the later part of the ride.

I cramp at the best of times but when its that hot I loose a lot of sweat so I was in the hurt locker for the last couple of hours of this ride.

I dont know if it makes you stronger or not but it takes some internal fortitude to finish the ride.

The last part of the ride was over the gateway bridge and it was hurting bad. My right leg was cramping so I was running on half power. It took all I had to get to the top and coast down the other side.

Luckily I had some great team mates around me to get me home.

With 40 odd days to go I dont want any more of those occurrences !!








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