Ride Inside – You cant hide

Each week I normally go to an indoor session to supplement my road training.

The reason that I do this is because its a totally different type of training, its one hour of on the limit, heart breaking, lay down when your finished training, something that is impossible to replicate on the road.

When your training on the road you can put in the effort but you always get a chance to rest, to coast a bit, catch a draft from someone else in the peloton or just go a little easier.

At Ride Inside its on from start to finish and this morning was the hardest session I have done for a while. You see its been raining for a couple of weeks and the sessions have been booking out quite quickly. The proprietor, sensing that an opportunity, put on an extra session at 7.00am, after the booked out 5.30am session.

As the 7.00am session was only announced yesterday the take up wasn’t great and I was the only one there this morning. That meant “You cant hide”.

I got my arse well and truly spanked and spent 41 minutes in high intensity training (heart rate over 75%)

I am sure that it helps my fitness but it was bloody hurting towards the end !!

Here are a few photos of the session including a 5.0, the highest ranking for a workout session.

rideinside2 rideinside1 rideinside3


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