RIP Kathy Parton

1.45pm on the 8th of March 2012 – Today was a day that I knew was coming but, one of those days that I dreaded. Today was the day we lost a great friend to cancer. Kathy was my business book keeper. Someone that had been around our business almost since we started. Someone that had looked after us not like an employee but someone that cared about what happened to us.

We had grown close because we both liked a stir. We loved getting together for a joke or to share a story. We were all knocked for a six when she told us that she had found some lumps in her breast and that it was cancer.

Thats when the fight……… and the riding began.

I started my Tour de Cure journey because of Kathy and the other people in my life that I had lost and were battling cancer. I wanted to try to raise money to find a cure and Tour de Cure was the way that I found I could do it.

Kathy was there at the finish of the first ride that I did along with my family and it was a proud moment for me to finish and reach my goal. I think that she was proud of me too.

Finally we got word that the cancer was beaten but it came back, in a different place and in a more aggressive form. Suddenly it was in her lungs. She had to have oxygen all the time.

Seeing the Cancer ravish her body was like watching my mother waste away. It reminded me so much of mum when I saw Kathy the day before she died. But she had some last words for me …………… she was proud of me and keep riding !

So that’s what I am going to do this year …….. ride in her honor.

Here is a video that we did about 6 weeks before she passed away.

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