That ride when you know you are nearly ready

Training has been going as well as expected with all this rain. It’s been hard to get out in the last few weeks as every morning the roads have been wet. Its a delicate balance between getting the training in and being safe as the last thing that you want to do is come down after all the preparation and not be able to complete the Tour.

At this time of the preparation though you often feel like you are not making progress. Riding day after day your legs don’t feel as strong as you think that they should be. Your body aches each morning when you get onto the bike and you often feel like you are not making progress. Then ………. you have a ride where you say YEAH, it was a good push today and you realise that all that hard work, all those early mornings and all those acheing muscles were worth it.

You go from saying, I hope I am ready to ……… I think I am nearly there.

Over the weekend I had two back to back days where we were pushing hard and it felt like I was fit enough to get through it. Instead of pulling up short I was actually keeping going. Instead of loosing my breath I was actually pushing through and keeping up.

Saturday I rode towards the Gold Coast with some mates and spent a good bit of time on the front, building strength and endurance. Our average was quite good and I felt like I did a good job.

Sunday I backed up and it was one of those days. One where I was riding with a mate and we both pushed each other till we were both absolutely shattered!

Its then I realised that with a month to go that I am in a good place. A place that I feel will stand me in good stead come Tour time.

Here is the ride I did on Saturday

Here is the ride on Sunday

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