Tour de Cure 2012 – Day 2

Noosa to Rainbow Beach 140 km
Today was the first day of our two day guest riders stage. The excitement in the morning particularly around the new guest riders that had just arrived was unbelievable.
The day looked great but there was still the threat of some showers during the day.
Because there was 45 new guest riders we were split into 4 peletons and they were sent off in 15 minute increments flanked by support cars and support personel.

The morning started well with the new riders blending in amoungst the full tour riders, some of whom I had just met myself. It was great to have some new enthusiastic faces around in the peleton to chat with and bond with over a few km’s
As we rolled along the clouds started to become darker and darker and soon there was no hiding. The clouds let go. There is nothing like the rain in Queensland and especially on the Sunshine coast. I could hardly see through my glasses and we were wet through!

The rain soon subsided though after smashing us for about half an hour. It was nice to get some sunshine on us for the rest of the ride to dry us out and make it a bit more comfortable.

The day was 140 km and some of the guest riders started to struggle a bit towards the end. In our peleton one of the guests were struggling big time and one of the signature riders looking after him went to pass a bottle of water to him and fell. Jamie was a bit battered and bruised but was able to recover enough to jump back on the bike and finish. Coming into Rainbow Beach was a bit tough as the tired legs meant that we were not able to push through the rolling hills as well and that meant some unnecessary climbing !

I think everybody was happy to be home

That night the accommodation was all over the place. I was lucky enough to be allocated to a house so I was able to have a cool down in the pool before the nights dinner.

Everybody is looking forward to tomorrow when we head off for day two of the guest rider stage.




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