Tour de Cure 2012 – Day 3

Rainbow Beach to Hervey Bay 120km

The day started with us getting on our bikes and riding down to the meeting point near the beach where we were to have breakfast and do the weekend Sunrise Cross’s with James Tobin.


The atmosphere was a little more subdued today compared to yesterday as the pain of backing up from 140km yesterday was taking its toll on the guest riders. There was only one way out of Rainbow beach and that was the same way as we had got there so what hurt us the night before was there again first thing in the morning. If there is one thing that I hate on Tour it is the first 15 minutes of riding in the morning and to have a solid hill straight up is not nice !!

Today the weather was being nice to us and the day seemed to go really quickly.

When we got out of Rainbow Bay in about 20km we had to get onto the freeway which meant that most of the second half of todays ride was in single file! Being single file is not the best way to ride as you don’t get as much cover in the peleton and there is nobody to talk to as your travelling along.

When we arrived in Hervey Bay we were priviledged to be greeted by a camp quality group who were having a camp away for the kids with cancer in the area. We went down to the beach and played some cricket and tennis with the kids and I am sure that it was as exciting for the riders as the children!

Our accommodation was top notch tonight staying at the Mantra in Hervey Bay. Our suite was looking over the boat harbour which was great.

Everybody had an early night as we all knew that we had a great challenge tomorrow with our biggest day of the tour (262km).

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