Tour de Cure 2012 – Day 4

Hervey Bay to Agnes Waters – 262km

Today we were up really early to get on the road early. Many of the guest riders had got up especially to see us off which was a welcome sight at 4.00am.

Getting an early start though was a good call because we had so far to go. Getting into it early meant that we had 130km before 9,30am so we had knocked half of it over early!

Today was a tough ride as the roads seemed to be getting worse and worse. The dead roads mean that you don’t get much chance to coast and you need to keep peddling which is not what you want on such a big riding day. Being on the bike for the last few days has also left a lasting impression on my  bum and you could see a lot of the boys and girls in the peloton were in the same way rising as much as we could to get the pain away. Everybody rode really well today and for many it was a personal best longest distance on a bike in one day.

Personally it was my longest day on a bike as well. I was really happy with the way that I rode and spent some time on the front of the pack as well so really happy that I could contribute to the effort today.

The accommodation tonight was worth the ride, We stayed in some beautiful beach houses and as soon as we had a beer or two we all went down to the beach to cool off and have a swim. There was some great times had surfing a few waves and mucking around.

Every bodies mind though was still on the task ahead with another 220km tomorrow and 187 km the day after, our hard rides were not over!

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