Tour de Cure 2012 – Day 5

Agnes Waters to Biloela 220km

Today is a day that I would rather forget. Today started off well for me with spending time on the front at the start of the day but that was my first rooky mistake. It was pretty flat with some rolling hills and there was some roadworks as well along the way. My morning went pretty well but I must have missed some eating time or some hydration even though I felt good before lunch it was another story after lunch.

There was 100km to go and I had hit the wall.

This afternoon was to be the longest and hardest that I have ever put in on a bike, my body felt fatequed and my legs felt like lead. I was having trouble just keeping the pace with the peleton on the flats without going up any hills. With 180 km in the legs there was a big hill to get over and I wasn’t looking forward to it. The hill was not particularly steep but it was long, I must have been doing it hard as I was the last one up! One of the stronger riders even offered a push but I wouldn’t have it. I was determined to get up there in my own time under my own steam!

This was the time that I called on Kathy my friend that I lost to cancer earlier this year. She said that she would push me up some hills and this was when I needed her the most!

The great thing about getting over the hill was that the last 20km into Biloela was either downhill or pretty flat. It was great to roll in as tonight it seemed like the whole town had come out to see us and encourage us. One of the locals had been working really hard on doing some fundraising and had raised $100,000 for our cause!.

Tonight was a very different night for us as we were being billeted out by the locals. I think that this was a great idea and both the local residents and riders alike enjoyed the experience.

My host family was Bev and Trevor. Trevor was the local accountant but now retired but was suffering from melanoma so I think having us was there way of encouraging our ride and our mission to cure cancer.

It was up early again and out to St Josephs school where it was my turn to present our message of Be Fit, Be healthy and be happy to all the kids. I really enjoyed this presentation as the kids were really into the message and helped out a lot





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