Training has started

Well the training has started !!

I have just got back from holidays and looking forward to starting the training that will get me ready for the 2014 Tour de Cure.

Normally I would ease myself into it by doing a month of medium range rides to bed the bum in and get the legs turning but this year the Tour de Cure is a lot earlier. Normally we start riding at the end of April and into the start of May but this year because of fears that the weather in Tasmania might turn a little cold at that time of year the Tour has been bought forward to the end of March and start of April.

Anyway that must have been in the back of my head as I did something a little silly on Sunday. After a good ride on Saturday (70km) I decided that I would extend Sundays ride of 85km by riding to and from the start point (another 20km each way!) ….Big mistake!

As I was riding in I knew today was going to be a bit of a problem as my legs were already complaining from the lack of conditioning after yesterdays ride. I nearly pulled the pin and opted for a shorter less intense ride but I stupidly kept going and turned up.

The start of the ride was very hilly with lots of rollers which started my off on the back foot and soon I was feeling a bit tired. By half way I was getting very tired and ended up getting dropped. This isnt too bad normally as the riders regularly stop and pickup the stragglers but on this occasion I didnt know the route and took a wrong turn and got lost. Now not only was I embarrassed about getting dropped but also getting lost !!

Anyway after a couple of phone calls I got back on track and was quickly picked up by the group. It wasnt pretty with a lot of sledges and jibes as they were coming past !!

Anyway I made it home and that was one of my first training rides done and dusted for the year!!




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