WHY WHY did I find 10kg over winter

I do it every year, vow to reform my ways after Tour has finished but then fall off the wagon !

Leading up to Tour each year we do a lot of training, its nothing to use thousands of calories on a long ride so that means that you can virtually eat what you like and still lose weight from around your middle.

But …………………… when Tour is over I go into a bit of a hibernation, not riding, sleeping in, having fun with the family instead of training. Its great but I forget to stop eating as well so between the end of May and start of October I find myself with an extra 10-15 kg’s. Its fun when your doing it but boy when you get back on the bike its very hard work to turn the peddles and keep up 🙂

Anyway I am here now, guts and all and its got to come off so no complaining, just get on with it.

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