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    Cancer Project Types
Annual Projects Title Laymans Benefit / Outcome / details Charity Research Support Prevention
Tour de Cure Cancer Research Scholarship. Perpetual cancer research scholarship, in partnership with ROYAL AUSTRALASIAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS (Foundation for Surgery) Foundation of Surgery. Our $250k was combined with FFS $200k $450,000
 Understanding the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms in Colorectal Cancer (CRC).  Investigating the different subtypes of CRC, both hereditary and sporadic, that can be identified through molecular and histopathological characterisation of CRC tumours and their pre-malignant lesions (polyps). Cure Cancer Australia Foundation $100,000
Wig Library for cancer Patients Wig Library for cancer Patients Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation $20,000
Leukaemia Foundation Annual Patient Conference The purpose of the Conference is to provide a current overview of treatment regimes, late effects and survivorship where the participant can attend a number of sessions as determined by diagnosis or their particular area of interest Leukaemia Foundation $100,000
Using molecular detection of minimal residual disease (MRD) to improve outcomes for children This project will use a diagnostic test developed at CCIA to guide treatment of children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, the commonest childhood cancer, to improve survival rates and minimise side-effects. (CCIA) Childrens Cancer Institute Australia for Medical Research $250,000
TEAM  (Treat, exercise and analyze melanoma The goal of TEAM is to identify the biomarkers which are related to the development of resistance in each patients melanoma. This invoves tumor biopsy & peripheral blood sampling after a single dose before treatment begins & then at defined time points. Melanoma Institute Australia $100,000
Preventing ovarian cancer deaths- the most lethal gynaaecological mailgnancy Blood based testing to diagnose women with early stage ovarion cancer. Currently there is no screening in place and early detection allows for significant reduction in this lethal cancer. Garvan Institute of Medical Research $100,000
The TD02-Kynurenine – AhR pathway contibute to the resistance to Temozolomide in glioblastoma Prognosis of glioblastoma remains dismal with poor benefits of chemotherapy (Temozolomide) and radiotherapy. The tumour uses several mechanisms to resist chemotherapy. This could offer a new approach to predict the clinical outcome of patients treated with TMZ and a new therapeutic strategy. Cure for Life $120,000
Full time Brain cancer Nurse Nurse is responsible for providing support and medical co-ordination for approx 300 children & their families Per annum. Located Randwick Childrens Hospital. NELUNE Foundation $110,000
Early Career Cancer Research’s Symposium Foster Collaberation between young researchers that advances cancer research in Australia Cure Cancer $50,000
The involvement of the Kynurenine pathway in giloma pathologenises. The involvement of the Kynurenine pathway in giloma pathologenises. Continuation of funding of Dr Chuck Bailey RPA $150,000
International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium (I4C) Funding a biostatitician as part of a world first, largest ever research study involving more than 15 countries and 1 million mothers and babies to discover a preventable caause for choldhood cancer  Murdoch Childrens Research Institute $100,000
Assessing, monitoring and modifying participation in lifestyle behaviours linked to cancer and identifying the cognitive and psychosocial needs of cancer patients, survivors and their families and careers. Behavioural Change Program’ assessing, monitoring and modifying participation in lifestyle behaviours linked to cancer and identifying the cognitive and psychosocial needs of cancer patients, survivors and their families and carers (in conjunction with Livestrong via the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation) Flinders Medical Centre Foundation
Cancer Awareness Packs adults & Children Cancer Awareness campaign Tour de Cure Cancer awareness Publications and Education Packs. $67,939
Creating a cancer-fighting tablet / food. A novel oral delivery of therapeutic small RNA’s. Request to fund an establishment program to create the proof of concept.MicroRNa’s are the ‘brakes’ that prevent cells from becoming out of control (hence cancerous).  If we replace these MicroRNa’s in cells we replace the brakes and prevent cancer.  The trick is how to get the MicroRNA’s into the blood stream/ bowel and our researchers (who are internationally recognised for their work in MicroRNAs) believe they have discovered a way.This is the project I truly believe could be one of the most revolutionary cancer prevention tools in the next decade.  Flinders Medical Research Foundation. Note our $100k was matched by SA Govt $200,000
15 Annual Projects will receive $1,917,939 $1,320,000 $230,000 $367,939
Radiation Therapists Student Regional placement accomodation Grants Provides accommodation & Exps for student radiation therapists to work in Toowoomba gaining clinical experience and the opportunity to work alongside qualified staff who are working on clinical trials. Attracting students to our centre allows them to see the great opportunities that are available to work with award winning researchers on cutting edge treatments outside of the major cities. Clinical trials being conducted in the Toowoomba Regional Cancer Centre allows local and regional people to participate  in national and international clinical trials that would otherwise be unavailable to them due to significant travel requirements. Toowoomba Regional Cancer Research Centre $5,000
Community Paliative Care Mobile Chairs especially designed for palliative care in the community. ( 3 chairs lasting approx 5 yrs will greatly assist over 70 cancer sufferers. )Allows those suffering cancer to borrow chairs. Chairs provide significant support & provide increased comfort to those suffering and enable home assistance to be provided by family members. Cancer Council Qld $5,000
Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland Community Assistance program Providing financial assistance for Cancer patient sufferers with overnight accomodation. In 2012 , almost 3000 nights of accomodation provided for people in Toowoomba, Dalby and Kingaroy areas. Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland $5,000
Providing material assistance to people with cancer in Armidale Region. Project provides asssitance to ose with cancer by providing, food, clothing , paying bills and transporting patients. Can Assist $5,000
2 mens health awarness conferences for Tamworth Region Raise awarness of Prostate Cancer and mens health to Country Tamworth region where mens health issues are not receiving the required focus. This funding will enable the co-ordination of various groups throughout the region to gain maximum exposure. Prostate Cancer Foundation $5,000
Research into prevention Neuroblastoma in Children For research into childhood Neuroblastoma cancer conducted by Sydney Childrens Hospital, effects Children across Australia Sydney Childrens Hospital $5,000
Providing practical support to Cancer sufferes in Singleton region. Singleton Womens Support Group providing financial and practical support to families with cancer in Singleton Region Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation $5,000
assist in purchase of a BIO Impedance Spectroscopy for diagnosis and analysis of Lymphoedema Device allows for early detection and management of lymphoedema which can avoid or reduce symtoms such as deformity, aching, heaviness in a limb,reduced movement and assocated physohological issues. Gippsland lakes Community Health $5,000
canteen recreation day in Bairsdale Region Young people 12 -24 living with Cancer, connecting together for a fun day, together with informative talks to assist them in their journey. Canteen $5,000
Transport & Accomodation Assistance Pilot for Regional Vic Providing travel & accomodation assistance in region for those with Cancer. Cancer Council Vic $5,000
Short term retreat for those suffering with Breast Cancer  Funding to provide running expenses that will enable expansion into 2 new retreat Centres located at Phillip Island. The Otis Foundation $5,000
Trisha Dwight who is conducting a genetics research study at the Kollin Kolling Institute’s Cancer Genetics group looking at understanding the genetic causes of adrenal tumours (and related tumours of the nervous system), Royal North Shore Hospital $5,000
Purchase 2 Infusion Pumps Purchase of 2 infusion pumps urgently needed for administering a steady dose of pain relief to cancer patients in the palliative care unit within the Hospital as well as those palliative care patients who choose to be nursed in their own home. Hawkesbury Health Service ltd $5,000
Research into oral anti Cancer Drug Professor Shudong Wang from University of SA is researching into a drug which aims to imrove the theraputic treatment available for cancer patients. Treatment is targeted to be taken orally at home . Cancer Council SA $5,000
Regional Family Fun Day Enables famisilies living with childhood cancer an opportunity to attend a precious fun day. Camp Quality $5,000
 Special purpose Palliative Care Support Bed The purcahse of the special needs bed completes the palliative care suite that is use to offer vital support across the region to many families in difficult times. Country Health SA  Menige District Hospital) $5,000
Accuturn Mattress for pailiative care Bed Enables movement of patient without lifting,significantly improving patient comfort . Contry Health SA (Bordertown Memorial Hospital) $5,000
Regional Support & Education Program in Horsham Provide a range of information & education sessions for people in Horsham living with, leukaemias,Lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. The Leukaemia Foundation $5,000
Short term retreat for those living with Breast Cancer  Funding to provide running expenses  for the Mandurang properties in Bendigo region. The Otis Foundation $5,000
Regional Family Fun Day Enables families living with childhood cancer an opportunity to attend a precious fun day. Camp Quality $5,000
 Cancer Awareness Evening + School Healthy Eating Gardens Cancer awareness evening with experts providing information on awareness, prevention, treatment and future cancer research directions.School Healthy Eating Gardens to help teach healthy food choices and self sustainability to children from  locally in-need schools. Cancer Council NSW $5,000
Hilltop Cancer Accomodation Support Provide over 300 nights free accomodation for struggling families while attending Cancer treatment. Fight Cancer Foundation Ltd $5,000
Community Cancer Awareness Speaker Programs in Jindabyne Fund multiple speakers to attend a variety of community & school awareness meetings & events to provide cancer prevention and awareness messages to Men, Women and Children. Cancer Council NSW $5,000
Establsih  wall garden at RMDHC Grow plants , herbs to use in house kithen plus significantly improve the outside area for people using centre. Ronald McDonald House canberra $5,000
24 Local Projects received $5k each totalling $120,000 $25,000 $65,000 $30,000
Total Funding Split $2,037,939 $1,345,000 $295,000 $397,939

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